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IT Services for Small Businesses

Each organisation looking at their business is different in many different aspects. Organisations who provide IT Support Services Kent to many businesses across the UK need to be technically savvy an understand the latest types of virtualisation technologies and breakdowns from proactive, to fully managed, to managed network and more including server migrations. This may include the likes of email & collobration services and cloud IT to name a few, helping organisations bring their IT system under control and in security check.
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Offer Your Own SEO Services

There are ways of offering SEO services to your customers without you needing to know anything much about the trade. The key here is to use some white label SEO which enables you to resell SEO services provided by a reputable agency. The agency essentially does the hard work while you simply charge your customer for the work. It is a great way to add additional services to your portfolio and remain competitive in todays world.
Fully Managed Services Takes Away the Stress

If you own a business, you will understand the stress than can occur when you are trying to handle the computer issues in the office as well as the needs of your staff!  This is why we recommend fully managed IT services to your business.

A fully managed service can take away all the responsibility for IT systems and infrastructure in your business – from networks to servers and hardware or software requirements, a good IT service agency can do it all.  If you have multiple smartphones, tablets or laptops for your staff to work awway remotely with, they can often manage these too using their mobile device management systems.

Hand over as much or as little as you like to an IT agency, they can either come to your building and manage your equipment, or you can reach them remotely using the phone or web chat services.  Eitehr way, you can be sure that you won’t be so stressed with IT issues!

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Speed Up Your Website Today!

The load speed of your website massively affects the user experience – some sites can take as long as 17 seconds to load, which is miles off the goal of under 2 seconds.  Most internet users (according to research) expect sites to load within 2 seconds, and if it takes longer than 3 seconds, they are likely to quit and search elsewhere.  It is therefore important that the load speed is a priority for your site.

Ways to make your site load a bit faster include cutting out too many high resolution or large scale images.  High definition photos and high resolution pictures can take much longer to load, and can really slow down a site.  The same goes for trendy videos which are often featured in headers or sliders towards the top of a site.  If this is taking a while to load, it can make the site look a bit weird and put people off staying around, thus increasing your bounce rate.

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Why You Should Consider WordPress for Your Next Website

Here at Vistabase, we love using wordpress.  Our own site is built using wordpress, and we find it is a great tool for beginner and more advanced web designers to get building their own cool websites.  Here are some great reasons as to why you should give wordpress a try today!

  1. There are loads of themes to choose from which can help you to create a unique and specialist site easily. There are themes for specific genres (like photography) or business ideas.
  2. The sites are mobile friendly.  This is important nowadays as according to OfCom, more than 2/3 of people now use their smartphones to browse the web.
  3. Great support – wordpress offer great support for their users, through a range of forums, Q&As and other support guides.  You are never too far away from an answer on how to do something or fix a problem.  Check out the wordpress support section for more information.

We hope you find this useful, and enjoy creating your own awesome website using wordpress!

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Who is involved in the building of a website?

When you are choosing an agency to work with, there are a whole host of different members of the team who will be on hand to help you out.  Let’s have a look at the different roles in creating a killer website.

  1. Website designer:  this is the person who helps you determine the page layout, images, where text will go, colours and navigation of the site.  They’ll also figure out how best to link the pages to each other.  They might do the actual programming and graphics for the site, or they might geta programming specialist to do this bit.  The web designer is basically the project manager for your site.
  2. Programmer: the programmer takes the design idea from the designer and writes the code to make the website happen.  They make sure all the technical stuff in the back end works so your visitors can fully appreciate the glory that is your new website.
  3. Graphic designer or artist: these guys make the artwork for the site – this could be page layout, colourschemes, logos, photos, illustrations etc.  This is like a visual artist who makes the brand really pop.
  4. Internet marketing guru: helps you to get your website into your overall marketing plan, gets you more traffic to the site and increases sales!  The ultimate goal!

Luckily for you, we have a mixture of all of these at Vistabase.  We don’t outsource work as we do it all inhouse.  We’re good like that.  Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you want to discuss the possibilities of a brand shiny new website!

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Learning the Basics of HTML

HTML is the truncation for Hyper Text Markup Language, and is the code, or dialect that is utilized for the formation of fundamental site designs. It can look a touch of overwhelming in the event that you’ve never done any coding, however all you have to give it a shot is a conventional content editing application and a web program. You may even perceive some HTML used to change message in online gatherings, or modified online profiles. HTML is a valuable instrument for any individual who utilizes the web, and taking in the fundamentals may take you less time than you might suspect.

Comprehend markup labels. Markup labels don’t appear on a page like ordinary content. Rather, they advise your web program how to show the page and its substance. The “begin tag” contains directions. For instance, it may advise the program to show message as intense. You likewise require an “end tag” to tell the program where the guidelines apply: in this illustration, all content between the begin tag and the end tag will be intense. Compose end labels inside point sections too, yet begin with a cut after the main section.

Compose begin labels in the middle of point sections: <start tag goes here>

Compose end labels in the middle of edge sections, however put a cut after the main section: </end tag goes here>).

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Why You Should Get a New Website Made

You might already have a website.  It might not be great, but it’s a website.  WRONG!  It is vital in the modern age to have a website which is not only functional, but attractive and also responsive.  This is the most important bit.  Responsive websites basically mean that the site can automatically adjust the way it looks to suit being viewed on different devices.  How many times have you been say, waiting for a bus or train which is inevitably late, only to get your smartphone out and browse the web?  Exactly.  Imagie how many people could stumble across your website when they too are idling time away on their phones!  If your site is not fully mobile responsive, your site simply might not load properly, which could lead to you losing out on a new customer.

Here at Vistabase, our web design team and the programmers are well versed in how to fully optimise websites to be viewable on any size device.  Whether that’s a tiny mobile phone screen, a tablet, a windows laptop or a massive MAC display, you can be certain that your site will load properly and look fantastic.

We are currently offering free web design consultations, so why not send us a message with details of your current website and our chaps can get a little look in and see how your site is doing on different devices?  These little changes could add up to big spending from your new customers!

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When is the right time to think about adding Paid Adverts to your campaign?

Some businesses seem highly reluctant to try out PPC (pay per click) ads in their SEO campaign, yet it can be a highly valuable addition to your repertoire.  The competition for visibility on search engines is ever increasing, giving companies more reason than ever to invest in PPC.  Alongside our other SEO techniques, PPC can make a real difference to your revenues.

If you aren’t too sure, have a look through our main reasons why we would recommend PPC for your business:

  1. You only pay when somebody clicks – this is one of the reasons PPC is pretty easy.  You know exactly where your dosh is going and you only need to pay when an interested customer clicks on the ad.  This is quite different to traditional advertising, where you spend a certain amount and just hope that your target audience engages with the ad (whilst not really knowing).
  2. You control the budget – you set the costs to fit your needs.  You can easily put a cap on what you spend each day, flexible enough to change as and when you need it to.  Obviously, you might not see great results with a miniscule budget, it depends a lot on your keywords and how your industry fares.
  3.  You can time your ads to coincide with when  customers might need your product.  Targeting a specific time and a specific audience is easy – PPC has location targeting and options to work alongside device specific preferences.  Zone in on your audience with laser like accuracy!
  4. PPC shows results FAST!  Regular organic search traffic is great, but it does take a long time to get right.  PPC can start one day and you’ll see results the next day (depending on a number of factors, of course!)
  5. PPC can help you understand your other marketing channels more effectively.  PPC can tell your SEO team if a certain keyword is converting well.  You can test out potential new keywords easily with PPC and you can use it to promote one off events which wouldn’t necessarily work with other forms of advertising.

Of course, PPC is not a wonder product – it is tricky to get right.  It requires skill and strategy as well as a thorough understanding of advertising platforms.  You should always get a professional agency who is certified in AdWords to help you out…oh look, here we are!  Contact us today to find out how PPC could change the face of your SEO campaigns.

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Getting the Right Theme for Your WordPress Site

Getting the theme right on your wordpress website is part of the task of setting up a new site, so it is important that you get it right!  The theme is the bare backbones of the site, which is built up of code.  This sets the layout, the design and the font/graphics which will be displayed on the site.

The main consideration when choosing a theme is not just in the looks, but how the site will function.  If you plan to sell items through your site, you will need a theme which is compatible with WooCommerce, or other ecommerce plugins.  The functionality is important to get the site working the way you want it to.  If you are hoping to make an information based site, you will need a theme which can adequately display your images and content in the best light.

Choose a lightweight or minimal theme where you can, as these tend to load quicker and make a difference to the load speed.

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New Year, New Website?

In the turn of a New Year, many companies begin thinking about upgrading their web design.  It could be that they are not seeing the visitor numbers they would like, or they find that visitors are not sticking around for very long.  Whatever the reason, the New Year is a good time to get your site looking it’s best.

To make readers want to stay on your site, it is important to have the information they want up close and personal.  Make sure that it is obvious what you are selling – be it services or goods.  The customer does not want to have to click around the site to find the items they are looking for!

Content should be neat and easy to read.  Ensure that the contrast isn’t too severe between the background and the text.  It is already harder to read on a screen, so make it easier for your guests by making the contrast accepetable.

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