Speed Up Your Website Today!

The load speed of your website massively affects the user experience – some sites can take as long as 17 seconds to load, which is miles off the goal of under 2 seconds.  Most internet users (according to research) expect sites to load within 2 seconds, and if it takes longer than 3 seconds, they are likely to quit and search elsewhere.  It is therefore important that the load speed is a priority for your site.

Ways to make your site load a bit faster include cutting out too many high resolution or large scale images.  High definition photos and high resolution pictures can take much longer to load, and can really slow down a site.  The same goes for trendy videos which are often featured in headers or sliders towards the top of a site.  If this is taking a while to load, it can make the site look a bit weird and put people off staying around, thus increasing your bounce rate.