When is the right time to think about adding Paid Adverts to your campaign?

Some businesses seem highly reluctant to try out PPC (pay per click) ads in their SEO campaign, yet it can be a highly valuable addition to your repertoire.  The competition for visibility on search engines is ever increasing, giving companies more reason than ever to invest in PPC.  Alongside our other SEO techniques, PPC can make a real difference to your revenues.

If you aren’t too sure, have a look through our main reasons why we would recommend PPC for your business:

  1. You only pay when somebody clicks – this is one of the reasons PPC is pretty easy.  You know exactly where your dosh is going and you only need to pay when an interested customer clicks on the ad.  This is quite different to traditional advertising, where you spend a certain amount and just hope that your target audience engages with the ad (whilst not really knowing).
  2. You control the budget – you set the costs to fit your needs.  You can easily put a cap on what you spend each day, flexible enough to change as and when you need it to.  Obviously, you might not see great results with a miniscule budget, it depends a lot on your keywords and how your industry fares.
  3.  You can time your ads to coincide with when  customers might need your product.  Targeting a specific time and a specific audience is easy – PPC has location targeting and options to work alongside device specific preferences.  Zone in on your audience with laser like accuracy!
  4. PPC shows results FAST!  Regular organic search traffic is great, but it does take a long time to get right.  PPC can start one day and you’ll see results the next day (depending on a number of factors, of course!)
  5. PPC can help you understand your other marketing channels more effectively.  PPC can tell your SEO team if a certain keyword is converting well.  You can test out potential new keywords easily with PPC and you can use it to promote one off events which wouldn’t necessarily work with other forms of advertising.

Of course, PPC is not a wonder product – it is tricky to get right.  It requires skill and strategy as well as a thorough understanding of advertising platforms.  You should always get a professional agency who is certified in AdWords to help you out…oh look, here we are!  Contact us today to find out how PPC could change the face of your SEO campaigns.