Who is involved in the building of a website?

When you are choosing an agency to work with, there are a whole host of different members of the team who will be on hand to help you out.  Let’s have a look at the different roles in creating a killer website.

  1. Website designer:  this is the person who helps you determine the page layout, images, where text will go, colours and navigation of the site.  They’ll also figure out how best to link the pages to each other.  They might do the actual programming and graphics for the site, or they might geta programming specialist to do this bit.  The web designer is basically the project manager for your site.
  2. Programmer: the programmer takes the design idea from the designer and writes the code to make the website happen.  They make sure all the technical stuff in the back end works so your visitors can fully appreciate the glory that is your new website.
  3. Graphic designer or artist: these guys make the artwork for the site – this could be page layout, colourschemes, logos, photos, illustrations etc.  This is like a visual artist who makes the brand really pop.
  4. Internet marketing guru: helps you to get your website into your overall marketing plan, gets you more traffic to the site and increases sales!  The ultimate goal!

Luckily for you, we have a mixture of all of these at Vistabase.  We don’t outsource work as we do it all inhouse.  We’re good like that.  Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you want to discuss the possibilities of a brand shiny new website!