Why You Should Consider WordPress for Your Next Website

Here at Vistabase, we love using wordpress.  Our own site is built using wordpress, and we find it is a great tool for beginner and more advanced web designers to get building their own cool websites.  Here are some great reasons as to why you should give wordpress a try today!

  1. There are loads of themes to choose from which can help you to create a unique and specialist site easily. There are themes for specific genres (like photography) or business ideas.
  2. The sites are mobile friendly.  This is important nowadays as according to OfCom, more than 2/3 of people now use their smartphones to browse the web.
  3. Great support – wordpress offer great support for their users, through a range of forums, Q&As and other support guides.  You are never too far away from an answer on how to do something or fix a problem.  Check out the wordpress support section for more information.

We hope you find this useful, and enjoy creating your own awesome website using wordpress!