Why You Should Get a New Website Made

You might already have a website.  It might not be great, but it’s a website.  WRONG!  It is vital in the modern age to have a website which is not only functional, but attractive and also responsive.  This is the most important bit.  Responsive websites basically mean that the site can automatically adjust the way it looks to suit being viewed on different devices.  How many times have you been say, waiting for a bus or train which is inevitably late, only to get your smartphone out and browse the web?  Exactly.  Imagie how many people could stumble across your website when they too are idling time away on their phones!  If your site is not fully mobile responsive, your site simply might not load properly, which could lead to you losing out on a new customer.

Here at Vistabase, our web design team and the programmers are well versed in how to fully optimise websites to be viewable on any size device.  Whether that’s a tiny mobile phone screen, a tablet, a windows laptop or a massive MAC display, you can be certain that your site will load properly and look fantastic.

We are currently offering free web design consultations, so why not send us a message with details of your current website and our chaps can get a little look in and see how your site is doing on different devices?  These little changes could add up to big spending from your new customers!